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A ringtone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call. The term, however, is most often used to refer to the customizable sounds available on wireless cell phones. This facility was originally provided so that people would be able to determine when their phone was ringing when in the company of other mobile phone owners.

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Dedicated to the exploration of hoaxes, mischief, and misinformation throughout history. Toggle navigation. Adult-Proof Ringtones Status: Undetermined.

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Introduction Ever wonder why some adults experience trouble with hearing as they get older? Hearing loss tends to become more severe as we age. But does hearing loss cause everything to sound uniformly softer or do certain sounds become harder to hear than others?

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My cousin showed it to me 13and all of my sisters 6,8,10 and other cousins 10,14 could hear it. Then we showed it to my mom 39 and aunt 37 and they couldn't hear anything. They didn't believe us that there was a noise. After a while my mom said she could hear something vibrating.

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Melissa Block. The war between teens and authority figures has a new -- or old -- front: ears. British shopkeepers tired of teenage loiterers have turned to the Mosquito teen repellent, which emits a high-pitch frequency that most teenagers can hear -- but not most adults.

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T he Teen Buzz ultrasonic ringtones were created by teenagers so that they could be alerted to incoming text messages or calls on their cell phones without nearby adults becoming aware of it. These "secret ringtones" take advantage of the fact that as people age, they lose some of their hearing sensitivity, especially in the higher frequencies. So a high-frequency tone that is at the edge of audibility for most teenagers will be inaudible to many adults over age 20, and to most adults over the age of

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Free Mosquito Ringtones. The Mosquito Ringtone came about after a crafty British man who invented a device called The Mosquito, the Mosquito is a device that emits a very high frequency tone meant to annoy teenagers adults are unable to hear the tone. Some crafty students decided to convert the same technology into a ring tone that only they teenagers could hear!

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As we get older, we lose the ability to hear sounds within a higher frequency. High school students are taking advantage of this unfortunate side effect of aging. The ringtone emits a higher frequency not heard by adults, thereby giving students the unfair advantage of hearing when they receive a cellphone call or instant message.

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In that old battle of the wills between young people and their keepers, the young have found a new weapon that could change the balance of power on the cellphone front: a ring tone that many adults cannot hear. In settings where cellphone use is forbidden — in class, for example — it is perfect for signaling the arrival of a text message without being detected by an elder of the species. She played it for her first graders.

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Several young students have caught on to a recent trend: a ring tone that only they can hear and most adults can't. Dubbed the Mosquito, the noise stems from an antitheft technique in the United Kingdom, where it was used to deter youth crimes such as shoplifting. The idea is that most adults lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds as they grow older, so this tone will reach the ears of only the young.


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