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Listen to an audio pronunciation. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea e. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine like la mujer or la luna or masculine like el hombre or el sol.

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Rimming is having a moment. The anus is the exterior portion, the rectum is the interior portion. The simple answer—because it feels good!

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Im in that insane position of being harrast, seriously mobbing, lunchying and so-called "hating"that it must have been miracleds until now for those responsible havent been killed or hurt bad in retaliation. Ill make it short, there actually existsun benknownst to meuntil now, allot of people with complete fake pics and ids, that are stalking people, and a weeks back time I was in a socalled normall "discussion" with someoneguess what the topic was, "Atheism". The other person and I wouldnt agree on the actuall definition, and that led that person to an psychotic outbreak, which again led her to start a wave of anti-propagandi against me.

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While most cases of itchiness at your hole are as mysterious as the black holes in outer space, science does know a few reasons why anal itching might occur, and even how to treat them. So, until the Stephen Hawking of the human butthole unlocks the mysteries of your anus, these explanations are the best we have… for now. By wiping inadequately or not showering enough, fecal matter can stick around longer than you might like, which can irritate the skin.

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Top definition. Swamp ass unknown. Swamp ass can occur during periods of intense physical activity.

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We had an amazing trip with Dirty Boat charters! The crew was excellent, laid-back, knowledgeable So much fun!

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Cover your ass British: arseabbreviated CYAis activity done by an individual to protect himself or herself from possible subsequent criticism, legal penalties, or other repercussions, usually in a work-related or bureaucratic context. In one sense, it may be rightful steps to protect oneself properly while in a difficult situation, such as what steps to take to protect oneself after being fired. The phrase cover your ass is generally viewed as a vulgar term, often replaced by the less-vulgar sounding initials CYA [2] Safire identified CYA as a synecdochein the same sense that the word "ass" had come to reference the whole person. The term is widely used in journalism.

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Got an itch you can't scratch, at least not in public? Fortunately, pruritis ani—the medical name for anal itching—affects only 1 to 5 percent of the general population. Still, those low numbers aren't too reassuring when you're the one with an itchy butt.

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And that wet, soupy feeling like as if you sat in something, becomes a normal state of being come August. This is swamp ass. We, as humans, must sweat to regulate our body temperatures. It happens to everyone.


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