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Other historical paintings also depict strange objects in the sky, and this, say alien theorists, supports the argument that aliens have been coming to our planet and interacting with humans for millennia. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino painting showing details of celestial object and shepherd with dog. Domenico Ghirlandaio is most often credited with painting the Madonna with Saint Giovannino during the 15th century.

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By Jacopo del Sellaio Palazzo Vecchio - He often painted decorative wedding chests, plates, furniture and other decorater items. What is usually missed by people observing this painting is the presence of a UFO in the sky.

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Anti-ancient aliens theorists debunked this with evidence saying that Ancient Aliens presented the image being shown to their audience in very low quality. The painters wanted to give the sun and the moon that were represented in the paintings human characteristics and Ancient Aliens never zoomed in enough or even mentioned to the audience that they had those characteristics. Another painting that was debunked was Madonna and child with infant Saint John.

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Until recently, the dawn of the UFO phenomenon was normally placed in the mid-twentieth century, inaugurated by the Kenneth Arnold sighting of Television shows like Ancient Aliens try to push alien visitation back into antiquity. One example featured on the show is the alleged presence of flying saucers in medieval and Renaissance Christian art.

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Here are the artworks that are often considered as proof that intelligent lifeforms and flying saucers have been witnessed on Earth long before modern times. Lots of people think that the ancient genius Leonardo da Vinci was hiding secret messages in his paintings. Some people think that he was hiding alien figures in some of his most famous pieces of work that can be seen if you mirror these images.

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While no direct connection can be isolated from this, between space aliens and religious icons, there certainly is a lot of supernatural phenomena associated in and around these depictions. The common images of one or more hovering saucer shaped metallic craft, often with highly intense beams of light emanating from the bottom, intelligently controlled and traveling at outrageous speeds - as if the artists witnessed these things first hand - are not in any sense ordinary events, even in modern times. It is extremely hard to find mention of these events, but they do exist - as scattered fragments, vague remnants, survivors of censorship.

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Medieval art can sometimes surprise you, with its rich colors and expressive subjects. But sometimes, you're also caught off guard by the shock of noticing the presence of a guy in a spaceship in a painting of the crucifixion. Find out why there are so many UFOs in paintings from hundreds of years ago.

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One day in early August in the fourth century AD, something strange happened in Rome. Those who were outside braving the heat, walking on the Esquiline Hill would have glanced at the sky to notice a curious cloud formation - very different certainly from the compact cloud cover typical of snowfall - and would have been astonished to see snowflakes drifting down to earth — in the heat of summer! Some may have fled to escape this manifestation of divine wrath while others may have tentatively stretched out a hand to catch them and see them evaporate like real snowflakes. Someone noted and recorded the event.

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While the painting depicts the Nativity with the infant St. John in the foregroundin the background one can see a man curiously watching an unidentified flying object UFO. The painting is of unknown origin, but it probably dates from as early as the sixteenth century.

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The story of Christmas began when three wise men saw something strange in the sky and decided to investigate. Many unusual aerial objects depicted in paintings between the 14th to the early 18th century look, at first glance, like modern-day UFO sightings. He added that the apparent simultaneous presence of both the sun and moon, "alludes to mentions in several of the Gospels of the sky growing dark in daytime during Christ's crucifixion.


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